Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The "Logic" of Same-Sex and Polyamorous Marriage

"Why polygamy will eventually be legalized" is explained by Steve Sailer. In a recent post of mine on those "Unitarians [who] would prefer that their polyamory activists keep quiet" — How Judgmental! — a wise commenter noted that "the same arguments in favor of ssm also favor polyamorous marriages," and that this "isn't even a slippery slope -- the arguments simply are identical." Well said, but Mr. Sailer reminds us that we're not dealing with logically thinking people here:
    Look, principles don't have anything to do with it. It's a popularity contest. Gays are popular and Mormons aren't. Polygamous fundamentalist Mormons are extremely unpopular, so nobody is going to do anything for them. Okay, but can Arabs be denied their rights? Not so easy, but it can still be done: They are Arabs. Ultimately, though, polgyamy has a secret weapon: polygamous immigrant Africans.

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