Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two Local Discoveries

Not quite sure how I missed the existence of "{different} radio" WRUR 88.5. It is quite different from most National(ist) Public Radio affiliates, where jazz or classical MuzakĀ® is normally the mainstay. This station plays oldies, but not the standard oldies I heard on the radio in the airport shuttle when flew in from Korea to interviewed here back in '11, the same '70s oldies stations were playing back in the '80s and '90s. They were playing some Memphis soul when I first tuned in. Just click on their link and look at their playlists.

I had heard of the Rohrbach's Brewing Company, but never had the wherewithal to visit its brewpub, which, I believe, is the only location where one can but their beers and ales. But now, it is now selling growlers at Wegmans, conveniently bringing unpasteurized beer and ale to the people. I don;t think I've had unpasteurized beer since the '90s with Buffalo Lager, which has morphed into the Flying Bison Brewing Company.

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