Sunday, April 14, 2013


I tried the new Buldalk Bokkeummyeon, above, from Samyang Foods, makers of Korea's first ramen noodles back in 1978 and of the recent Korean craze, Nagasaki Jjamppong, based on Champon, a wonderful Chinese dish I tried in its Japanese hometown. This new product is billed as the spiciest instant noodles on the market. It was probably the third spiciest dish I have had, after some fish soup I once had in Hat Yai and various Buldak orders in Korea.

If you like spicy food, I suggest a visit to your local Korean or Asian market and giving it a try. Unlike Korea's iconic Shin Ramyun, which here is "Made in the U.S.A," this new product is imported, so the directions will be only in Korean. Boil the noodle for six minutes, drain well, then add all the packaged stuff, mix, and enjoy.

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