Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Plight of Black Women in America Today

"There are 36 percent more black women than men in New York City" and "nearly 2 million more black adult women than men in America," Steve Sailer reports — New York City's missing black men. [Related, the same author's reminder that "the total death toll from all mass shootings in the entire country over the last three decades is only about as bad as 2012’s murder count in Chicago alone" — Guns and Whites.]

Supply and demand applies to the sexual marketplace as much as it does to any other market. Just look at Russia, where men are scare because of alcoholism, and East Asia, where women are scare because of sex-selective abortion. It's a man's market in Russia, and women have to conform to men's tastes to attract a mate. It's a woman's market in the Far East; there, men have compete to be what women desire. Black America is like Russia on steroids, the statistics reported above suggest. Compounding matters is that the women excel far more in education and in professions than the males.

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