Friday, May 24, 2013

"Conservative" "Opposition" to "Gay" "Marriage"

Great news that Gavin McInnes now describes himself as "a reformed atheist who recently rediscovered his Catholic roots," and that this rediscovery hasn't caused him to forget the obvious fact that "marriage died long before homosexuals got involved" — Gays Didn’t Kill Marriage, Divorce Did. An excerpt from what might be this writer's most spot-on article yet:
    Glenn Beck was against gay marriage but recently came around and said he approved of it in “principle.” Bill O’Reilly says he thinks there is a “compelling argument” for gay marriage and calls the opponents “Bible thumpers.” Rush Limbaugh took umbrage with that quote but admits the debate is already over and the gays have won.

    They won me over, too, and it was because of wimps such as Glenn and Bill and Rush. My peers are the children of divorce and I’ve seen it permanently scar almost all of them. Both Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly have been divorced. Rush Limbaugh has done it three times. You can’t be sanctimonious about marriage when you’re on your fourth. You can’t keep quitting your job while lecturing us about how important jobs are.

    A few generations ago, there was no concept of “self.” You went to work and busted your ass so your kids (the baby boomers) could have the education you never had. Today, those kids are in their 60s, and the few that are grandparents don’t like being called that because it makes them feel old.

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