Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Have Seen the Future...

... and it is coming to a sidewalk or parking lot near you, reported on here by our local paper, which we lovingly refer to as the D & CRochester braces for more food trucks. From the article:
    Inside a weathered brick factory building along an abandoned railroad line on Buffalo’s south side, Rochester’s food truck revolution is taking shape.

    Five of the roughly 25 trucks rolling Rochester-area streets came from here. A sixth, serving up gourmet macaroni-and-cheese, will debut Wednesday at the Public Market food truck rodeo. Another three trucks under construction — including a sushi truck — are Rochester bound.
The last one is close to something the missus and I have in mind, serving a Korean version of onigiri (Rochesterians are probably not ready for odaeng, much less a full-fledged pojangmacha), but different enough not to be direct competition, and definitely not competition with the rightful winner of Best of Rochester 2012, serving that "Canadian staple of hand-cut fries, savory gravy, and cheese curds, plus a scattering of thyme," Le Petit Poutine. Ours will not be ready for the "pilot program set to begin June 1, opening downtown to food trucks for the first time," if ever, but it's a fun dream.

From the article we learn, "The typical truck will cost $50,000 or more. M Design has built trucks for as little as $30,000, ranging up to $90,000 — much cheaper than starting a restaurant." Ours would involve very little cooking, so I'm hoping it would be on the cheap end.

We also learn, "While both Buffalo and Rochester are catching up with the food truck trend, Buffalo’s regulations are more relaxed and with half the number of trucks and double, if not triple the territory." Not surprising. The Libertarian from Buffalo, Grover Cleveland, lives on. I have the feeling he would not pass up a good food truck.

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