Saturday, May 25, 2013

Strange Bedfellows: Left-Liberals and Alpha Male Pick-Up Artists

"I find it curious that the same liberals who believe trace levels of relatively innocuous chemical compounds are an unconscionable threat to public health and safety, that need to be banned 'for the children,' are willing to subject pubescent girls to a powerful hormonal cocktail, the long-term effects of which on their physical development and health have yet to be assessed," writes Stuart Koehl, quoted by the Young Fogey— Calling out lefty hypocrisy: pushing contraception on girls. The Fogey carries the thought:
    Roissy explains that in the contraceptive culture only alpha player men get most of the sex, licit or not, not the beta, herb and omega majority of men. (1950s society equalized this, favoring nice-guy providers, whom the women needed financially, which was better for society.) Cleverly marketed as girl power. Political correctness about sexual harassment is both a ripoff of the church’s teaching against illicit sex (the church says to respect women and our liberal Protestant hosts in America mock it; the left says it and betas had better obey, or else; alphas can do whatever they want) and a cover for female hypergamy, a fancy way of saying girls can now screen out nice guys for the illusion of no-strings sex with alphas. It’s short-term empowerment: through taxes, unfair divorce laws, etc. the women have fun with the alphas on the betas’, et al.’s dime. But the women end up ill-used, alone. (In short, feminism’s a lie.) And it’s bad for society in the long run, with fewer kids and more of those kids being maladjusted literal bastards (fatherless homes are bad for kids both financially and for social development). And of course contraception fails; the abortion culture is part of this too. Why society turns a blind eye to Kermit Gosnell (Obama in scrubs).

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