Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Progressive Mindset

Driving home listening to National(ist) Public Radio, I was struck by this book review about "the famous and wealthy 18th century intellectual Thomas Day" — A British Intellectual's Mission 'To Create The Perfect Wife'. "Using his wealth and influential friends as cover, Day adopted two orphan girls with the express purpose of training them to be adequate wives via lessons inspired by Jean-Jacques Rousseau." Click on the link to learn what this sickening experiment in human perfectibility involved.

The reviewer concludes, "Perhaps most astonishing is that Thomas Day would eventually become one of England's most vociferous anti-slavery activists, a cause for which he is still lovingly remembered today — this despite the fact that he once kidnapped two girls and proceeded to abuse them in a dangerous and self-serving romantic experiment." Not astonishing at all, really. The story of lovers of humanity and their disregard for their fellow human beings is all too common.

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