Tuesday, May 28, 2013

War Without End, Amen?

"Let's find an honest name for this conflict we're asked to fight forever" says The American Conservative's Andrew Bacevich, arguing that "it matters what we choose to call the military enterprise we’ve been waging not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in any number of other countries scattered hither and yon across the Islamic world" — What Do You Call an Endless War?

"The War for the Greater Middle East," Prof. Bacevich writes, "is the name I would choose for Washington’s unnamed war and is, in fact, the title of a course I teach." On similar lines, fellow antiwar conservative Pat Buchanan writes, "As the Sykes-Picot borders disappear and the nations created by the mapmakers of Paris in 1919-1920 disintegrate, a Muslim Thirty Years' War may be breaking out in the thrice-promised land" — The Unraveling of Sykes-Picot. "It is not, and it should not become, America's war." Amen.

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