Friday, June 7, 2013

I Am the Alpha and the Beta

"How does one do obligatory beta things in the course of a relationship in an alpha way?" asks a reader of Chateau Heartiste, who answers with two posts, reminding us that "that 'aloof game' is not all there is to inspiring a woman’s love and fidelity through all four weeks of the month" — Bringing Balance To The Masculine Force — and that "striking an optimal balance between your alpha and beta behaviors" is the "ideal way for a man to direct a long-term relationship so that it’s maximally rewarding and minimally punishing" — Relationship Game: The Day-To-Day Alpha.

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Blogger The young fogey said...

Right. Roissy doesn't dismiss betas; they and their traits have their place, and most men are betas. Subordinate to alpha ones, perhaps, but still. The more civilized West 50 years ago was good for them and they were good for it. In the natural order, women need providers, and not big daddy state. In other words, civilization needs them. (God made all kinds of men.) The culture brought average guys and girls together as much as possible in order to marry and have babies. Roissy points out that what's good for players like his persona is bad for society in the long run: a return to the jungle, to social Darwinism, with alphas and sluts ruling, thanks to contraception and no-fault divorce. Roissy's lesson: a smidge of alpha emulation, game, dialed up or down depending on the girl and situation, is the betas' equalizer in this nasty setting in order to find a bit of happiness. The girls end up happier too.

June 14, 2013 at 10:09 PM  

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