Saturday, July 6, 2013

J.S. Bach's Christ lag in Todesbanden and Ein Feste Burg ist Under Gott, Performed by Dorothee Mields, Terry Wey, Charles Daniels, Harry van der Kamp, Directed by Pieter-Jan Belder; Leo van Doeselaar and Gesualdo Consort Amsterdam, Directed by Harry van der Kamp; and Musica Amphion, Directed by Rémy Baudet

Something for Sunday and to accompany neighbor David Yearsley's CounterPunch article, in which he notes, "The notion of certain inviolable individual liberties being protected from state power was foreign to Johann Sebastian Bach*, yet paradoxically his music has something to teach us about security" — Bach and Security.

* This blogger, who sees the origin of the nation-state and statism in the French Revolution, is dubious of this claim.

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