Thursday, July 11, 2013

The P.B.R. of W.N.Y.

Wonderful news that our local "Genesee has been named one of the best cheap beers in the country" according to this local story — Genesee on list of best cheap beers. The article says that "being called cheap may not be the best compliment," bristling at the "description of Genesee Cream Ale as the Pabst of upstate New York," but isn't that what all the hipsters drink?

"Sometimes you just want a cold, cheap beer, and it just feels right to grab the one that all the local old folks are drinking," said the raters. Amen. I often find myself after a few craft beers that cost four times as much saying to myself, "I'd really like a Genesee Cream Ale." It was, after all, what my transplanted Mississippian grandmother preferred.

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