Monday, July 1, 2013

We're Supposed to Be Having an Open Conversation About Race, Right?

  • A conservative blog for peace posts a few links on the "[t]wo big groups of white people who can’t stand the sight of each other" — Our culture war: Tutsis vs. Hutus. "I don't think there is any other population group that hate their underclass kin more than Anglo-American elites," says one of the quoted.

  • "Most African-Americans’ ancestors came in the colonial period," writes Clyde N. Wilson; "Their Americanism stretches back farther than most whites except for the South and a few other pockets of Old Americans" — The Revolution Is. My ancestry is three-quarters Southern and Old American, and one quarter marginally white Ellis Island New American (one-eighth Hungarian gypsy and one-eighth Romanian Jew).

  • "It is time to reaffirm affirmative action, especially for whites who would not do it for themselves," says CounterPunch's Mateo Pimentel, arguiing that "those who oppose it today might just be the next victims of such social, legal and gender-based exclusion that our forbearers have suffered" — Affirmative Action for the White Minority. Pretty puerile argument, really, but the author's right about two things, namely that "whites who would not do it for themselves" and that they will be "the next victims of such social, legal and gender-based exclusion" and already are in many circles.
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