Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Murder of an Aussie Baseballer in America

R.I.P Christopher Lane. Amen. (This blooger had no idea before clicking on that link how long America's pastime has been played Down Under.) The sad, sick story, if you have not already heard it — Teens charged after allegedly killing Australian student in Oklahoma for the 'fun of it'.

I confess to having committed a thoughtcrime upon first hearing this story; the first thought I had, as horrifying — horrifying! — as it is to admit, was, "I bet the perps were black." Turns out I was only half right:

Two self-described "niggaz" (one full-blood and one mulatto) and a wigga. The latter, interestingly, is cooperating with police, and probably now thinking, "Gee, maybe hanging with these lowlifes was not the best idea." Agreeing to drive the other two around must have exempted him from the "90% of white ppl [who] are nasty," according to the first pictured above, quoted here — Black teen who allegedly murdered Australian jogger posted racist Tweets.

The same first boasted about having "knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court," a reference to Knockout, a.k.a. Polar Bear Hunting, in which self-described "niggaz" target us "woods" in incidents that the media never fails to label as "indiscriminate." The self-described "nigga" also references that horrifying — horrifying! — crime committed by that White Hispanic.

Well, at least our nation's foremost civil rights leader has forcefully spoken out — Jesse Jackson tweets that killing of Chris Lane ‘frowned upon’. In Black English Vernacular, to "frown upon" something is about as strong as it gets, which is why you hear the expression all the time in gangsta rap. No doubt, President Barack Hussein Obama will soon weigh in, echoing his eloquent "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon" speech, to say, "If I had been a thug, I'd have looked like Chancey Luna."

Perhaps this will quell feelings Down Under — 'Senseless' shooting of Australian Chris Lane sparks calls for boycott of U.S.. "It's shocked our world. The baseball community in Australia is a tight-knit group. Most baseballers know most baseballers and everyone's shattered."

Baseball, they had to mention baseball again, which is as close as it gets to holy outside of Holy Mother Church, so I need to drop the sarcasm. I join this boycott, but not of the U.S.

Boycott Black America! Not all of it, of course. Not my black uncle's business, for example. (He's the richest man of his race in the State of Ohio.) Not CJ'S Soul Food here in town or Doctor Bird's Rasta-Rant, whose owner intervened on my behalf against a group of likely self-described "niggaz" intent on getting me out of the neighborhood, two examples of noble entrepreneurship. No, do not boycott these.

Boycott the gangsta anti-culture. There is no reason why any self-respecting person of any race should give those promoters of thuggery, racism, sexism (did I really use that word and mean it?), and violence any money, air-time, attention, or notice of any kind.

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