Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Syria and Red Lines and All That

Danke, merci, gracie, and grazia to my foreign correspondent in an undisclosed neutral country in Europe who sends long this press conference exchange with some functionary from the U.S. Department of Statism:

Ms. Harf makes me want to barf, as does her boss, her former boss, and all those in the régime and the media who are marching us towards war with yet another country that has neither attacked nor threatened us, nor could ever do either. Messrs. Obama and Kerry, your moral posturings are disgusting.

They might as well say: "How dare those recalcitrant Russians on the U.N.S.C. demand evidence — evidence? — that the Syrian régime was responsible for any chemical weapons attack? Evidence? We don't need no evidence. We're the U-S-A!"

Didn't we go through this a decade ago? Hats off to the Syrian Electronic Army for resisting these warmongers targetting your ancient, venerable land.

Even if evidence does emerge that the Syrian régime was responsible, the only reasonable response is Daniel McAdams's — Chemical Weapons in Syria? Who Cares!

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Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

The drum beats of war are heard again, in the ear of hope and change!

As to your last point, if chemical weapons were used, we should care. It is an outrage, a violation of human rights, a barbarism to be deplored and condemned. The Assad regime, if it carried out such an attack, demonstrates that it is a pariah state, and should be treated as such. But that is still not grounds for American forces to attack Syria unless and until Syria uses those weapons against Americans.

But to oppose military intervention is not the same as being an isolationist. We should care -- deeply -- about the use of chemical weapons by foreign powers (and our own govt!). But caring doesn't = bombing. In the haste to say no to bombing, we shouldn't end up saying no to caring.

I am not an isolationist. I am a non-interventionist.

August 30, 2013 at 1:21 AM  

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