Tuesday, September 24, 2013

American Confucianism

The Western Confucian would have been all over this — Chinese Philosophy Lifts Off in America. An excerpt:
    According to Tu [Weiming], arguably the most famous exponent of Confucianism in the world and a champion of it as a "spiritual humanism" with unlimited geographical reach, "the most important reason" for the giant step taken by Chinese philosophy in the United States is "philosophical—because some of the most brilliant minds in America began to take Chinese philosophy seriously." Recent Confucian studies in English, says Tu, "are more important, more original, more sophisticated, and more forward-looking and cosmopolitan than Confucian studies in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean."

    Jiyuan Yu largely agrees. He says "philosophical quality is much higher here." Some elite scholars of Chinese philosophy, he observes, go so far as to say, "I only read English work—I never read Chinese."

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