Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beta Warmonger, Alpha Peacemaker

Chateau Heartiste's Roissy asks us to contemplate the above image, and reminds us that "a good rule of thumb for determining the alpha male among men is which man would you least want to pick a fight with in a bar" — Spot The Alpha. "The beta is weak and defensive, always glancing around for incipient threats, his body tightened into a ball of nerves," writes Roissy. "The alpha is strong and relaxed, expecting no threats but nevertheless welcoming any threats which may come his way." (Something to keep in mind reading's latest — Russia Has Compiled 100-Page Report Blaming Syrian Rebels for a Chemical Weapons Attack.)

Quite frankly, we should all be embarrassed, not to mention disgusted, by the pussified passive-aggressive posturing of Obama and his butt buddy Kerry on Syria, egged on by the "three horsegirls of the apocalypse" as John Derbyshire called them.

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