Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bush-Obama De-Christianization of the Middle East

The above, sent by a kind reader and old friend of this blog domiciled in a neutral country in Europe, shows "the only place in the world where Aramaic -- the language believed to have been spoken by Christ -- is still used as a living language," and serves as background to Philip Jenkins grim prognostication that "[a] post-Assad Islamist regime threatens to re-enact the Armenian genocide" — Syria’s Christians Risk Eradication.

"The latest coalition of the willing might be more accurately described as the conspiracy to kill Christians," Thomas Fleming writes — Six Paragraphs In Search of an Author.

"Left-wing Jewish atheist pro-life civil libertarian journalist Nat Hentoff," referenced here at Spokane Orations, gets it — Why aren't there protests at the murder of Christians in the Middle East?

Of course, the Middle East is home to adherents of Catholicism and Orthodoxy, not the Moralistic Therapeutic Deism that masquerades as Christianity in America, and are thus not seen as real Christians, or even real people.

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