Friday, October 11, 2013

Muslim Imam and Catholic Nun on Heaven

Mufti Asif Umar informs us that "one of the pleasures of paradise is maidservants, and ... any type of desire that one wants to fulfill in paradise, one will get to enjoy" — Imam: 'We Can't Imagine' The Beauty Of Paradise After Death. In other words, an orgy awaits the faithful after death.

"Some of my favorite [images] are from the Scriptures, and they are of banquets and of wedding feasts," says Professor Mary Catherine Hilkert, O.P., who also reminds us of "what will be no more; that there'll be no more suffering and tears, and violence will be undone" — Heaven Is Waiting; Hell Is A Different Question, Nun Says. In other words, "the peace that passeth all understanding."

Both I heard this week on my evening commute with this National[ist] Public Radio series — What Comes Next? Conversations On The Afterlife. We have on the one hand a religion for pubescent males and on the other a religion for rational adults, male and female.

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