Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Triumph of National Socialist Ethics

Jim Goad notes that "a woman [who] chose to terminate her existence because she was depressed" and "a [who] woman elected to have herself killed because she couldn’t handle the travails of anorexia" were among the "52 completed cases of euthanasia justified solely on psychological grounds" — Softly Putting the Monster to Sleep. "Three quarters of [Belgians] said they support euthanizing children with terminal diseases, even without the child’s consent, [and a] similar quotient favored euthanizing adults with severe dementia—again, whether or not the demented adult had any choice in the matter."

"Funny how the word 'eugenics' and the name 'Hitler' never arise in these learned yuppie NYT articles," writes the first commenter to Steve Sailer's latest on a theme few dare to take up — Lesbian Eugenics marches on.

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