Thursday, October 17, 2013

Understanding Our Animal and Fallen Natures

Two video links with much to ponder:

  • "Making excuses for a hedonistic lifestyle, when one doesn't have to live with the consequences of 'unwanted' pregnancy and the like?" asks The New Beginning, linking to this talk between a John Stuart Mill-style left-libertardian at and Sex at Dawn author — Interview with Christopher Ryan.

  • Chateau Heartiste posts a fun episode of Going Ape "documenting a slew of experiments which demonstrate that the term ‘alpha’ has validity as a descriptor of the top dog in emergent human male hierarchies" — National Geographic Agrees: The Human Alpha Male Is Real.

  • Neither of these videos is likely to get a nihil obstat from a Catholic blogger, but that does not mean there is not much to learn from both of them. As I comment on the first link, "Amazing how certain uncovering truths about our animal nature can lead smart people so far astray!"

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