Monday, October 28, 2013

What is Libertarianism?

"Beltway types like to define libertarianism as 'fiscally conservative and socially tolerant,'" but Lew Rockwell does not — A Definition I Despise. Mr. Rockwell speaks defintievely:
    Notice that the state is not mentioned, through the only question worth paying attention to in politics is when is the state allowed to initiate violence or the threat of violence. I’d say never, of course, while others have a different answer. But the entire topic is ignored. And what is fiscal conservatism? The big-spending Reagan? There is no way to tell what this phrase means. As to social tolerance, it has nothing to do with libertarianism, which is a political phiilosophy. Socially tolerant people, and the socially intolerant, can defend liberty. Neither side need call in the police, though I’ve noticed that the tolerant often want the intolerant arrested.

    One good definition of libertarianism is offered by Ron Paul: opposition to state intervention in our private lives, in the economy, and in other countries.

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