Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Arcade Fire Perform The Clash's "The Guns Of Brixton"

    When they kick in your front door / How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head / Or on the trigger of your gun?
Bill Kauffman, down the road at the Alexander Charity Gun Show notes, "While huffy displays of bravado are rare, some of these men—and women—have pondered the question once posed by The Clash," in the article linked to in the post below this one — The Guns of Upstate.

Continues Brixtonian Paul Simonon, in his greatest contribution to his great band:
    When the law breaks in / How you gonna go?
    Shot down on the pavement / Or waiting on death row?
Here's another hurdy-gurdy band from the same province, which borders this state, posted earlier on these pages — Le Vent Du Nord Perform "Les Amants du Saint Laurent," "Au Bord de la Fontaine," "Dans la Prison de l'Ombre," & "Tour à Bois".

Note to self: put a hurdy-gurdy, and maybe even a megaphone (Butthole Surfers, anyone?), next to the .30-06 already on the Christmas wish list.

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