Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Meth City, U.S.A.

On is posted a very, very sad documentary — The City Addicted to Crystal Meth: The Methamphetamine Zombie Apocalypse in Fresno.

I've seen two of Englishman Louis Theroux's* American documentaries, one about Southern California's porn industry and one about the Westboro Baptist Church, in both of which the subjects are rightly mocked, usually without understanding they are being mocked.

No mocking, only compassion, in this story; it's just too tragic. The common denominator is women with "daddy issues" and the broken families and abandoned kids. Tragic. Just ask my sister, and my niece and two nephews, still torn apart a decade by this plague, not far from the city in the documentary.

* I had no idea until today that he was the son of American novelist and travel-writer Paul Theroux, whose Saint Jack and The Consul's File entertained and informed me while living in what had been British Malaya.

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