Monday, November 25, 2013

Rev. Al Sharpton Calls "Knockout Game" "Insane Thuggery"

And says, "We would not be silent if it was the other way around," quoted by Jim Goad here — Hunting the Domestic Polar Bear. The media are at long last no longer silent.

Mr. Goad, reporting on "the media’s sudden willingness to talk about it," says "And not only are they talking, they’ve also dropped dog whistles such as 'youths' and 'teens' and are openly noting the assailants’ and victims’ race. What was the tipping point?" he asks, later answering that "it seems this only became a national story when Jewish leaders spoke up and demanded action after a string of attacks in Brooklyn that left multiple Jewish victims." Mr. Goad continues,
    These scrappy Tribesmen may not have fought back with their fists, but they used every other available blunt instrument to finally make this a national story. Non-Jewish whites could learn a lesson from such tenacious group solidarity.

    Failing that, they could take a tip from the unnamed 40-year-old white man in Michigan who turned the tables on 17-year-old Marvell Weaver and planted two .40-caliber bullets in his ass. Street animals are less likely to pounce on those who haven’t been entirely tamed.
Perhaps this Michigander had heard the advice from "Black Atlanta radio host T. J. Sotomayor," who, proving himself wiser than the "Wise Latina" with whom he shares a surname, "recorded a 16-minute video where he says white people should counter the Knockout Game with one called Shootout Game."

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