Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Latent Lover

The Sigma Male (Σ ♂) and/or the Bad Orthodox Catholic, two archetypes described on these pages, might count themselves among the first of the "three identifiable categories" of "men [who] do have real friendships with women, but [who], by virtue (or vice) of their talents with the ladies have difficulty building solid friendships with other men," taxonimized by the Mâitre d’Chateau here — The Types Of Men Who Befriend Girls Easily:
    The classic sneaky fucker, minus the malevolence. This guy is charming, challenging, and a pro at making women feel sexually alive. His MO is to flirt with every woman who passes the threshold of bangability. He loves the company of women because he genuinely loves the peculiar qualities of femaleness. Married, single, feminist, feminine… he seduces them all, though he may not necessarily have sex as a goal in mind. He loves the lip-licking, hair-tossing, heel-dangling, cheek-blushing, pupil-dilating, mannerism-mirroring reactions of women who delight in his dispensations.

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