Monday, December 30, 2013

Feminist/Corporatist Coalition Defeats Wobbly/Traditionalists

"The war is now essentially over and the feminists have won," writes Rachel Alexander, "although not because they were more persuasive" — The “Mommy Wars” Are Over. She explains:
    Only 12 percent of moms believe that working full time is an ideal situation for children, and 74 percent of adults say that mothers working outside the home makes it harder to raise children. About half of adults surveyed believe that children are better off if the mother does not work.

    Yet today, only three in ten mothers do not work outside the home. The reason the feminists have won is because it is now difficult for men - as well as women - to make enough money from one job to support the entire family. As economic conditions continue to spiral down under Obama, employers have been forced to cut jobs, hours and benefits. Jobs that used to pay decently have been replaced by free student labor, or “internships.” Most parents are lucky to find full-time jobs that pay slightly better than minimum wage. There are fewer people working now than anytime within the past 35 years; only 63 percent of working-age Americans are in the workforce. At the same time, the cost of healthcare, gas, food and other necessities continues to increase.
As this blogger noted three years ago, Industrial Workers of the World foundresses "Mother Jones and Emma Goldman were wise enough to know that having wives institutionalize their children so that they might compete with their husbands in the labor force would never be 'liberation'" — Women's "Liberation" and the American Worker.

More recently, we quoted Nicholas Farrell on these pages with the observation that "[w]omen in Europe and America have made one great big fat suicidal error as a result of modern feminism since the movement’s inception, [i.e. t]hey have confused work with freedom" — Arbeit Macht Frei?

Ladies, you've been sold a bill of goods, and we're all paying for it while the 1% laugh their way to the banks, breaking homes left and right as they go.

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