Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Leaning Bell Curve of PISA

"Scores have been released for the 2012 PISA tests of most of the rich OECD countries and some poorer countries," reports Steve Sailer noting that "the U.S. is trailing most Western Europeans and appears to have regressed back toward its long term mean after a high-scoring 2009" — PISA day.

I happened to be walking through the living room as my librul boomer parents moaning and wailing as this news was being read on telescreen. I told them what I remembered from last year's results, and what Mr. Sailer again reports, reminding us that "you are going to hear a lot about how stupid American 15-year-olds are, but smart analysts remember to always adjust for race" — PISA Racial results for Americans on Math and PISA reading scores by race: America does pretty well.

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