Friday, December 13, 2013

The Milk Carton Kids Perform "Michigan," "Stealing Romance," & "I Still Want A Little More"

"Have you heard of The Milk Carton Kids?" my son's guitar teacher wrote me after I sent him a Gillian Welch video I had brought up after my son's lesson. "They're a minimalist acoustic/harmony duo out of LA."

"The Milk Carton Kids just appeared on my radar in the last two weeks," I would write back. "Funny you should mention them."

"They're not as pretty as Gillian Welch," continued he, "but the tunes make up for it. In fact, they look a lot less healthy than the last time I saw them. Ha! Either way, they have a very similar approach to David and Gillian."

That they do, especially the first number. They have a great name, too, do they not?

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