Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Barefoot Dream (2010)

The missus, the kiddoes, and I took advantage of Benito Cuomo's Statism of Emergency today to watch, through the magic of Netflix.com, A Barefoot Dream (2010), based on the true story about the "45-year-old South Korean man, whose business had failed and marriage had ended up in a divorce," who found himself "coaching the East Timorese children`s football squad," which "cruised to victory in the 2004 Rivelino Cup international youth football tournament held in Hiroshima, Japan, to the surprise of many people around the world, who had barely heard of the country" — Football Coach Kim Shin-hwan Hailed as ‘East Timor’s Guus Hiddink’.

Following the exact same formula as the earlier-reviewed The Perfect Game (2009), a "delightfully standard underdog sports movie about the 1957 Little League World Series," this movie pulled every string perfectly. Holy Mother Church is even shown in a very positive light.

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