Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A True Hero

"The word hero is bandied about so often that sometimes we forget what it truly means... this little boy puts it back where it belongs, a demonstration of someone going so far and beyond the ordinary," says the first of 3,869 commenters on this story from down the road that has gone national — 8-year-old boy saves 6 in blaze before dying while trying to save another.

Noting that "the term Hero is over used on people who are just doing their job and or doing what the average person would do in the same circumstance," another commentear says, "If Tyler had done this in the military he would be decorated. Tyler is nothing short of a Hero's Hero and I am in awe of him and salute him for what he did."

Rest in peace, Tyler. And, dare I say, pray for us.

Upon further investigation, it appears that the story has gone international; here are some reports from across the Pond — 'My little hero' Eight-year-old Tyler Doohan dies after rescuing six relatives from fire, Tyler Doohan, 8, who saved six people from a house fire died after trying to save the seventh, Hero boy, 8, killed in trailer fire after saving SIX of his sleeping relatives and trying to go back and save his trapped amputee uncle.

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