Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here's to the Free State of Genesee!

News that Governor Cuomo doesn't want conservatives in New York was deftly responded by fellow Burned-Over District citizen Andrew Malcolm in today's edition of our local paper — Letter: No place for conservatives.
    I agree with Gov. Andrew Cuomo; there is no place in New York state for conservative thinkers. We should have our own state.

    Upstate New York is ruled by a metropolis on the Hudson River with little regard for the wishes of those who live in the interior. We need our own state.

    If the governor wishes for conservatives to leave New York, he should initiate division of the state into two states by continuing the line between Pennsylvania and New York, and the line between Massachusetts and Connecticut to the Hudson River.

    I recommend that the new state be named Mohawk or Genesee for those rivers which honor Native American communities.
As a name for our new state I vote for the latter, for not only does it "honor Native American communities" it also honors a great beer!

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