Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ksenia Sobchak Stripped Naked

By America's heroes (and in this case heroine) proudly wearing the T.S.A. uniform — Glamorous Russian TV presenter strip searched at U.S. airport after 'explosives' wrongly traced on her fingers. Surely, this was just a coincidence. It had nothing to do with her looks (that would be sexist) nor her "links to Vladimir Putin" (that would be racist, or something like that).

"I had a jojoba oil massage - and there was glycerin, mixed with something else. This got their equipment activated. They said they get two or three cases like mine each day." Two or three hotties to strip naked a day would not be a bad perk for a minimum wage job.

"I was warned several times by a big black woman that she will be touching sensitive areas only in gloves and with the reverse side of the hand." That makes it okay, I'm pretty sure, under the Geneva Conventions. And the above photo was just the best of Ms. Sobchak I could find. Seriously!

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