Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rethinking the Western... and Western History

To a recent post titled "The Western" long-time commenter Pints in NYC posts a truly must-read Ryan McMaken paper noting that "the robust militarism, anti-capitalism, and outright atheism that permeates so many classic Westerns" was opposed to the "bourgeois values like hard work, devotion to family, and Christianity [that was the] real foundation of 19th century American society on and off the frontier" — The Trouble With Westerns. My response:
    There is much, much more than just the Western in this article. It is really a radical rethinking of history, in which both the modern left and right are seen to be way off.

    The 19th C. bourgeois values that are the bedrock of classical liberalism are what we should all be fighting for. I like they way he tied women in as co-creators of this civilization. There will always be tensions, of course, which is why the Western still has its place.

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Being a "long-time commenter" is a honor here.


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