Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shovels & Rope Perform "Birmingham," "O' Be Joyful," "Boxcar," "Keeper," "All Those Words," "Kitchen Hallway," & "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding"

On the great Divided & United: The Songs of the Civil War album, I first heard Shovels & Rope, a husband and wife duo. At the risk of being shallow, I find myself saying to myself something I often say to myself when out on the town: "The guy could do better, couldn't he?"

I'm no judge of men's looks, and we all know men's looks don't really matter, but when I see couples, I often observe them to see which one is "at a loss and could do better." (Korean has a great verb for this situation, 아깝다, akkapda, which English cannot adequately express.) Here in America, it is usually the guy.

In Korea, it was common to see totally hot babes with average- or below-average-looking guys, who looked smart and probably made good money. Here in America, you see plenty of average-or-better-looking guys with homely, overweight women, like the singing couple in today's video. You do sometimes see a short, balding silverback with a smoking hot babe, but they're usually Armenian or of some other similarly weird ethnicity.

Usually, though, the guys are really average-but-rather-meek-looking, like the guy in today's video. Not every guy can be born with height and a high IQ, I guess. I sorta, kinda feel sorry for these guys, but not really; they've made their own beds so let them sleep in them. They at least make me feel all the more satisfied with the bed I've made and choose to sleep in. Good night.

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