Friday, February 7, 2014

Abortion and Breast Cancer

Mercator.Net's Carolyn Moynihan reports that "breast cancer studies from China point to abortion as a cause, but the West remains in denial" — Will China be first to learn its ABC? Pondering "the deathly silence about a Chinese study published in a mainstream cancer journal in November and confirming one of the disputed risk factors for breast cancer," Ms. Moynihan writes
    In “A meta-analysis of the association between induced abortion and breast cancer risk among Chinese females,” published in the journal Cancer Causes Control, epidemiologist Yubei Hunag and colleagues reviewed 36 studies that investigated this link and found: among women who had only one abortion, an overall increased risk of developing breast cancer of 44 percent; after two abortions the risk increased by 76 percent, and after three abortions by 89 percent. The more abortions, the higher the risk. This is at least page 3 news.

    But Google the terms “China” “breast cancer” and “abortion” and you won’t find anything in the first forty results from the New York Times or the UK Guardian or the Sydney Morning Herald about the Tianjin Medical University study. It has been left to pro-life groups and Christian broadcasters to circulate.

    Is the news blackout because what happens to Chinese women could not possibly be relevant to British or American or Australian women? Or is it because abortion has become the foundation on which the whole western edifice of “reproductive health” rests, and without which a new cultural revolution would be necessary?
Like the studies showing "that synthetic estrogen — a common ingredient in oral contraceptives — drastically reduces the fertility of male rainbow trout" — Contracepting the Environment — some news that would support the environmental cause or women's health is simply not fit to print.

Sexual revolution is the Left's non-negotiable. How many leftists who eat organic and vegetarian and would never dream of diverting a stream would die (or more likely kill) for the "rights" to artificial birth control and abortion?

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