Friday, February 7, 2014

CounterPunch and Human Biodiversity

Gary Leupp, writing for the "hard left" journal, ponders that recent discovery of that 7,000-year-old "dark-skinned but blue-eyed" European — Where Did White People Come From? Prof. Leupp:
    Europeans (“Caucasians”) are not the only light-skinned people on the planet. My Japanese wife places her forearm next to mine and says, “See? They’re the same.” And our arms are, in fact, similar, at least color-wise. Europeans, from their first contacts with Japanese in the 1540s to at least the early 1800s, routinely described Japanese as well as Chinese as “white.” Marco Polo in the late 1200s had described the Chinese as “white.”
Prof. Leupp reminds us that "the Jomon people, in Japan from ca. 14,000 years ago, and the Yayoi people who supplied the greater proportion of the Japanese gene pool, are thought to have been light-skinned," and suggests that "they may have been the first 'whites' on the planet," which makes sense given "that two-thirds of European genes come from Asia, one-third from Africa."

I remember around the age of five categorizing all non-black people as white, being some 35 years ahead of the "Out of Africa, with Benefits" theory.

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