Thursday, February 27, 2014

Liberating Rochester's Food Trucks

A baby step in the right direction — Proposal adds food truck sites, spaces in city. A right-thinking city councilman puts these words in these entrepreneurs' mouths: "If it’s not by a fire hydrant, a tree, a funny-looking dog, whatever, I can’t pull my truck over and make money?"

"That’s hard to hear because I don’t think that’s the role of government," says the co-owner of my favorite truck, Le Petit Poutine, one a particularly insidious restriction he hopes to see lifted: "I’d love to be by one of the stadiums. Proximity is an important part of what we do."

Having just purchased 20 Rochester Red Wings tickets last night, I drool at the prospect of eating poutine with a Rohrbach Red Wing Red Ale at the ball park.

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