Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nicole Curtis

Perhaps I should start watching the " willowy blonde with the body of a pinup model and the determination of a drill sergeant [who] has made a career out of restoring—not just 'fixing up'—the fine old Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Beaux Arts, and Greek Revival homes of Minneapolis," lovingly profiled by Justin Raimondo here — Taking Action.

"In the midst of the Rust Belt’s urban decay, there is little Nicole with her nail gun, her iron will, and not much money, pushing back against the evil forces of modernity and lovingly stitching back together the broken bones of these ruined beauties," writes Mr. Raimondo. "Restoration: It’s what conservatives are all about.

"Restoration," and, when need be, "liberation," as I wrote in this brief post on one my own DIY jobs — Liberating Hardwood Floors. Other projects — painting of rooms, re-plastering of ceilings, laying of stair runners — have followed. Of course, the DIY ethic is what hardcore punk was all about.

Mr. Raimnondo rightly condemns "houses of the modern era" with their "bland uniformity married to shoddy workmanship perfectly reflects the spirit of our age." While my humble home may not be counted among the "relics of a bygone era that had different values," it was built in the year before 1964, a good enough marker of the beginning of our final cultural collapse.

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