Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Localism in Greenville and Burlington

"The soil is fertile for a renaissance in local government," writes's Zachary Gappa — Big Little Governments. An exceprt:
    Burlington leans left in its styling (cleaning products company Seventh Generation, school programs, a snowboarding company) while Greenville leans more to the right (GE, BMW, downtown businesses), but in the substance of their initiatives they have much in common. This is because liberals and conservatives have fewer functional differences in local government than in national government. When you get close enough to the community, people start knowing each others' names, and the harsh divisions between government and business and family that exist on the national level become a bit blurry and muddled. In both of these cities, the rhetoric of "public/private partnerships" got everyone on board because it represented a reality that almost everyone wants: businesses, citizens, and government working cooperatively to improve their community.
Mr. Gappa's article references this one by The Atlantic's — Why Cities Work Even When Washington Doesn't.

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