Friday, April 11, 2014

Endocrinology and Ecology

Not news, but Chateau Heartiste picks up another story on the trouble caused by "endocrine disrupting chemicals (which are found in everyday products such as pesticides, contraceptive pills and detergents)" — Is Pollution Feminizing Men?
    If it turns out pollution is a major cause of beta orbiters, male feminists, and other self-flagellating pudding pops, then Western technological civilization can rightly be accused of waging a war against men, and the war is going global.

    And it’s a good bet that whatever’s feminizing men is also masculinizing women. Manjaws and narrow boy hips are everywhere, in case you haven’t noticed. American women are counting notches on their bedposts while American men are penning sappy paeans to pedestaled sluts.
This blogger has been following this story for seven long years now — The Culture of Death and Dead Rivers, The Birth Control Pill, A Crime Against Nature, Contracepting Ourselves, Contracepting Nature, Drugged and Contracepted Fish, Contracepting the Ecosystem, Endocrinological Crisis.

Of course, just mentioning these stories means that I must hate women.

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