Thursday, May 22, 2014

Angela Perley & the Howlin' Moons Perform "Come On Home," "Be Bad'," & "Howlin' at the Moon"

Playing tomorrow in town at the Abilene Bar and Lounge. Angela Perley and Howlin Moons previewed locally:
    Based on her quiet demeanor, it would be almost impossible to peg Angela Perley as the lead singer in a band. But she is, and she's got a serious set of pipes. Perley and her band, The Howlin' Moons, have drawn rave reviews for their latest album "Hey Kid," which genre hops between country, Americana, and rock 'n' roll. Perley's voice is special, but the band's instrumentals — especially guitarist Chris Connor's speedy pentatonic licks — also shine. As good as it is on the album, the band is on a different level when it comes to its live act. My personal favorite jam, "Blue Eyed Lola," perfectly showcases the group's all-around dynamics.

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