Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catholicism Promotes Brain Use; Atheism Stunts It

"The Wickedest Links" posted by Chateau Heartiste today include one to peer-reviewed research finding that "that Catholics recruited different areas for deontological (precuneus; temporoparietal junction [TPJ]) and utilitarian moral judgments (dorsolateral prefrontal cortex [DLPFC]; temporal poles [TP]), whereas Atheists did not (superior parietal gyrus [SPG] for both types of judgment)" — Roman Catholic beliefs produce characteristic neural responses to moral dilemmas.

Furthermore, the study finds that "Catholics showed enhanced activity in DLPFC and posterior cingulate cortex [PCC] during utilitarian moral judgments to impersonal moral dilemmas, and enhanced responses in anterior cingulate cortex [ACC] and superior temporal sulcus [STS] during deontological moral judgments to personal moral dilemmas" [emphases mine].

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