Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Sounds of a World-Gone-By"

CounterPunch's David Yearsley describes "a nearly Arcadian landscape," the one in which I am blessed to live, in his report that at "the beginning of summer’s labors and lazinesses is placed Cornell’s International Chamber Music Festival, fittingly called Mayfest" — The Mayfest Affair. Prof. Yearsley begins:
    Come mid-May in the Finger Lakes of central New York the landscape transforms itself as if overnight. Little more than a month ago there was ice on the Lake Cayuga and there was neither a leaf nor a blade of grass to be seen. Now all is green. Looking north from Cornell’s hilltop campus, the lake stretches through the expanse of forest, broken by an occasional farm. Directly below the university, only the spires of Ithaca’s many churches can be seen above the tree-lined streets and the thick deciduous canopy.
This Arcadian landscape I viewed on my way today to and fro Camp Stella Maris, where we'll send this kiddoes this summer, and which has been in operation by the Diocese of Rochester since 1926.

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