Monday, June 9, 2014

Race War in Rochester?

    We won't live like this any more. If police won't do anything, we will. Some of us may die, but they will too.
Thus spake a representative of the local Nepalese and Bhutanese community, after "hundreds of incidents of robbery and violent and verbal bullying in recent years" — Unite Rochester: Local refugees targeted. The remarkably honest report (the race of the victimizers is named explicitly) begins with this caveat lector:
    Over the past year and a half the Unite Rochester series has explored numerous topics related to the complicated topic of race in Rochester. Today's installment explores a sensitive and potentially volatile situation in the Jones Square neighborhood. Our aim is to alert the community to a sparking flashpoint in hopes that efforts can be made to unite two communities that are currently at odds. The language is at times stark, but is meant to be an honest representation rather than an attempt to give offense — or give credence to inappropriate and incendiary statements.

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