Saturday, December 27, 2014

Today's Vinyl Purchases

With some Xmas money burning a hole in my pocket, I went down the road to Record Archive and left that City of Rochester institution with five albums, and a compliment on my taste from the cute Joan Jett-esque clerk. Here they are, in the order in which I listened to them on my Crosley Stereo Turntable Sound System Cr66-pa Rochester:

1. Jorma Kaukonen's Quah — I've been a Hot Tuna1 fan since the '80s, and knew of this 1974 album's existence, but never got around to buying it until today. It's great when something familiar can be new and exciting.

2. Noam Pikelny's Noam Pikelny Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe — I knew of this banjoist from his work with the Punch Brothers, who have appeared on these pages numerous times2. Progressive bluegrass returns to the roots of that "essentially progressive music that is bluegrass" with this incredible album.

3. Bad Brains's Live at CBGB 1982 — American hardcore punk at its best, preformed by black Rastafarians from our nation's capital. This is the same show for which video footage has been posted on these pages3.

4. ROIR Records' So Indie It Hurts: Roir Rocks! Vol. One — I could not let this compilation from the Bad Brains' original label sit on the shelf especially with its "nice price" of $7.99! A lot of great bands on this, including Flipper and MC5. I'm reminded of that great early '80s compilation Rat Music For Rat People.

5. The National's Trouble Will Find Me — The most conventional and adventurous choice today; conventional because this is the closest to mainstream music I will listen to, adventurous because I bought this with nothing to go on but a musical post on these pages last week4, with songs all of which are included on this album, occasioned by a recommendation from my work wife, who also introduced me to the world of Neko Case, one of my favorite places to be in recent months.

1Hot Tuna Perform "Hesitation Blues" & "There's a Bright Side Somewhere", Rev. Gary Davis' "Candyman" Performed by Hot Tuna, & Hot Tuna Performs "Hesitation Blues"

2Punch Brothers Perform "Reptilia," "Rye Whiskey," "This is the Song," & "Alex", The Punch Brothers Perform "Rye Whiskey", The Punch Brothers Perform "Movement and Location" & "This Girl", & The Punch Brothers Perform The Cars' "Just What I Needed"

3Bad Brains Perform "Big Take Over,"Attitude,"I," I and I Rasta," "Supertouch / Shitfit," "King of Glory," "Right Brigade," "F.V.K.," "Supertouch," "Banned in D.C.," "How Low Can a Punk Get?," "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth," "Riot Squad," "F.V.K., "We Will Not," "Big Take Over, "Coptic Times," "I,"At The Movies," "Right Brigade," "Rally Round Jah's Throne," "Redbone in the City," "Riot Squad," & "Pay to Cum"

4The National Perform "This Is The Last Time," "I Need My Girl," "Pink Rabbits," & "Sea Of Love"

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