Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two Christmastide Reads by Lady Writers

The American Conservative's Gracy Olmstead on what "takes the material and makes it transcendent" — Considering Tradition. An exceprt:
    Tradition takes the sensory and the temporal, and makes them transcendent: through meaning, through history, through love. Tradition takes the material of our lives, and gives it eternal significance.
Ann Sterzinger of Taki's Magizine remembers the the Christmas Eve ceasefire of 1914, and proposes reenacting it in a conflict that "dwarfs the world wars and the 100 Years’ War and all the Mongol invasions put together," namely, "[t]eternal war between the sexes" — Ceasefire. She writes,
    From Aristophanes to Joan Crawford, we’ve tried to make light of it, but it’s been going on for as long as men have been civilized enough to allow the smaller sex to disagree with them without bashing our heads in.

    Don’t get me wrong—civilized society and the restraint of force are great achievements for creatures such as we. I love not being dragged into a cave by my hair. And I am indeed of the opinion that women are human beings. But I’m also of the more eternally radical opinion that this is not very much to boast of.

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