Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Analogy by Alternative History

Steve Sailer suggests that "the enormous success of the Arabs in conquering much of the civilized world following the Muhammad’s death meant that what was considered advanced thought in 7th Century Arabia was imposed on the more sophisticated civilizations of Babylon, Constantinople, Alexandria, and Carthage and still intermittently retains some of its charisma" — The Law West of Mecca. His analogy and alternative history:
    It’s kind of like if Chief Tecumseh and his brother The Prophet [pictuted at the top of this post, painted by George Catlin] had defeated Gen. William Henry Harrison in 1811 at the Battle of Tippecanoe and gone on to conquer the United States, and our culture in 2015 was organized around The Prophet’s visions. Sure most of the time we’d just be focused on making money and who is going to the Super Bowl of the National Lacrosse League, but still, there’d be an imprint on our values. We wouldn’t live like American Indians of 200 years ago, but we’d feel a little guilty about our backsliding, and we’d respect young men who embody the courage and ferocity of the braves of old.
Had that occurred, the National Lacrosse League's Rochester Knighthawks, a team whose roster is one-quarter Iroquois, would be headed for their fourth consecutive Super Bowl [Champion's Cup in the real world] victory this year, something my hometown Buffalo Bills once tried and, well, failed.

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