Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Free to Sled in Monroe Country

"Rosebud," laments the proprieter of the Inn at the End of the World in linking to this, sad, sad news — Nanny State: Sledding faces limits over liability concerns. Ours, by the Grace of God, is not among the "cities [that] have banned or limited sledding, [a] list [that] grows every year."

Rather, local columnist Leo Roth recently celebrated the fact that "Monroe County is one of the few park systems that allow sledding" — Skiing, skating, sledding and more in Monroe Co. Parks. He quotes Larry Staub, Jr., "the affable Monroe County Parks director," as wisely recognizing, "People have been sledding probably since there was snow. It's a losing proposition to prevent people from doing it."

Seventy miles to the west of here is the sled hill I grew up on, a visit to which two years ago prompted a post on how local governments can, in fact, aid and abet the "pursuit of happiness" — Localism Trumps Libertarianism.

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