Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Not The Waltons

A conservative blog for peace links to this observation that "Boomers were happy to ask for and receive grandparental help, but are loathe to give it now that it's their turn" — Are Boomers as grandparental as their own parents were in that role? Read the spot-on analysis. My anecdotal comments:
    My Greatest Gen grandparents lived and died with my family growing up in the 70s and 80s. Every bit of wisdom I learned was imparted to me from my Mississippian grandmother.

    With such positive memories, I naturally invited my own Boomer parents to move in with us now that they're old. Biggest mistake of my life! They act like they own my house. They do nothing but watch TV all day (in an average day more than I do in a year). They cause discord with their daughter-in-law, my wife. My father spends more time tending his Keurig coffee maker than he has with his grandson. My mother moans to no end when she's left at home an hour or two with the kids, 10 and 11, although they need nothing from her as they keep to themselves upstairs and my daughter is a Red Cross certified baby sitter.

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